Terms and conditions


Understanding our rules

Our advertising rules provide advice on authorized advertising content types. When an advertiser puts an order in, every ad is monitored to be compliant with these rules. If you think that your ad has been wrongly rejected, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


When you purchase an advertising package, you have full responsibility for putting in the content, you cannot hold ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. responsible for not creating your ad yourself. When accepting the terms and conditions for the purchase of an ad or other services, you have the responsibility of making the payment with a valid credit card. If your transaction is declined, ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. will retry the transaction. If you receive a message of problem with payment, you will have to make the necessary to correct the situation rapidly, use a new card or use another payment method or contact the company that could charge you the unpaid amount for using the ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. advertisement platform.

From the moment you accept the terms and conditions and that you accept to proceed to the payment of an advertising package, you will not be able to ask for a refund. You will however, be able to cancel the next subscription when you receive the renewal message through email, 7 days prior to the end of the present subscription.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Litigation and cancellations

Disclaimer for expense transaction

When concluding a transaction with a third party and that a litigation on the goods or services arises, we cannot be held responsible in the context of the transaction. All financial transactions are final except for legal obligation to the contrary. If you order an article that is out of stock before it is sent to you, you can ask to be refunded

Special clauses applicable to the advertisers

1. Payment agreement. When you purchase advertising services or advertisement offered by the intermediate, ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc., you agree to pay for every amount indicated in your order, including applicable taxes.

2. Security. You are responsible for the security of your advertising account and understand that all orders going through your account will be at your charge

3. Automatic Payment For every automatic payment, you accept that we debit your account any amount included in the range that you accepted when registering, We will notify you if you exceed the range that you chose. If you wish that your preferred choice of payment not be automatic payment, you can modify it going into Parameters Payments ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.

4. Cancellation. You can cancel an order through our online portal, however your ads may be published during a few days after your request to cancel, the applicable fees corresponding to the change will be at your charge.

5. Tax liability. The amounts that we charge you, through credit card or other means of payment may be subjected to applicable taxes and including them, including and without limited to, of deductions at source. You must pay the applicable taxes charged to your transactions. You accept to compensate us in the event of complaint concerning failure to do so.

6. Accounts in default If you purchase advertisement and that your method of payment does not allow to collect the funds or if your account is in debit, we can take necessary measures to collect the funds. You accept to pay all applicable fees associated with recuperating the funds, including reasonable justice fees. Monthly interest fees of 1% or at the legal maximum rate, the lowest prevalent, will be added to first overdue amounts.



1. If you use ShoppingRoad Techologies Inc. for communicating or managing a promotion (ex : a contest or a draw), you must ensure that it is legal taking into the account follow :

  1. Official rules;
  2. The conditions of the offer and eligibility criteria (Ex : age limit and georgraphical restrictions)
  3. Compliance with the rules and regulations governing the promotion and all other awarded prices (ex : registration and obtain the necessary regulatory approval)

2. Promotions on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. must include the following elements :

  1. A completed waiver filled out by each participant protecting ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.
  2. An attestation specifying that ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. is not associated with the promotion, nor managed, nor approved, or sponsered by ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.

3. It is possible to manage promotions on Pages or in some applications on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. You cannot use personal pages nor friends connections to manage promotions (ex : mentioning << share on your page to participate >> or << share on your friend’s page to obtain more participants >> is not authorized)

4. We will not provide help to manage your promotion. Furthermore, if you use our services for managing your promotion, you accept to do it at your own risk.



ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. is not responsible for sharing your advertisement on different social media. If you wish to delete an ad, you will need to notify the person that published your ad or the administrator of the media to delete it.



Before the advertisements show up in our towers, tablets or mobile apps, they are examined to verify that they respect our publishing rules. In general, the majority of advertisements are examined within 24 hours. However, this timeframe may vary depending on the case.

Aspects taken into account

During the process of verification of the advertisement, we verify images, text, targeting and the advertisement position, the content of the associated destination page. If the content of the destination page is not fully functional, or does not correspond to the presented product or service in your ad or does not respect entirely our publishing rules, your ad may not be authorized.

What happens when an advertisement has been verified?

Once the advertisement has been verified, you will receive a notification from us indicating that it has been approved. If it’s been approved, we will broadcast your ad and you will be able to see the results under « Advertisement Manager ».


4. What to do in case of refusal

Modify your ad

If your advertisement is not approved because it does not entirely comply with our rules, you may modify it and resubmit for another verification. To modify your advertisement :

• Verify the email address associated to your advertisement account. If your advertisement is not approved, we will send you an email explaining the reasons for the refusal.

• In the refusal email, the information given will help you modify your advertisement in order for it to comply. Consult the modification steps in this page.

• Save the modifications. Once saved, your advertisement will be submitted to a new verification


If you cannot change your advertisement or think that it was wrongfully declined, you can appeal in writing at :


5. Forbidden content

1. Community’s standard

The advertisements must not violate our community’s standards. Advertisements on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. must respect ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. display rules.

2. Illegal products and services

The advertisements must not enforce, facilitate nor promote illegal products, services or activities. Advertisement targeting minors must not promote inappropriate products, services or contents, illegal or doubtful, that exploit, trump targeted age groups or exercise an unwarranted pressure on them.

3. Discriminating practices

Advertisements cannot discriminate persons on the basis of their personal characteristics such as, race, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, family status, handicap, medical issues or genetic illness or encourage discrimination.

4. Tobacco products

Advertisements cannot promote the selling nor using tabacco products or related articles

5. Drugs and related products

Advertisements cannot promote selling nor using drugs and illegal medication, prescription drugs or for recreational use.

6. Dangerous food supplements

Advertisements cannot promote selling nor consuming considered dangerous supplements as determined solely by ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.

7. Weapons, ammunitions and explosives

Advertisements cannot promote selling nor using weapons, munitions nor explosives

8. Adult products and services

Advertisements cannot promote selling nor using adult products and services, except advertisement concerning family planning and contraceptive means. Advertisements about contraceptive means must concentrate on the product’s contraceptive characteristics and not on the sexual pleasure or the improvement of sexual performance and must target persons of 18 years and older.

9. Adult content

Advertisements must not include content for adults. This includes nudity scenes, representation of persons in explicit or suggestive positions or any activities that are extremely suggestive or sexually provocative.

10. Third party infraction

Advertisements must not have content that could adversely affect or infringe the rights of third party, such as copyright, trademark, privacy, public image or other rights.

11. Sensational content

Advertisements must not have content that is offensive, disrespectful or excessively violent.

12. Personal attributes

Advertisements must not have content that is confirming or insinuating personal attibutes. This includes direct or indirect affirmations or insinuations about race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, sexual identity, handicap, health (physical or mental), financial situation, union membership, criminal record or the name of a person.

13. Deceptive or false content

Advertisements must not have false, mendacious ou deceptive content, this includes declarations, offers or deceptive commercial practices.

14. Controversial content

Advertisements must not have content that exploit controversial political or social questions for commercial purposes.

15. Non functional destination page

Advertisements must not redirect people to non functional destination pages. This includes the content of a destination pages that precludes them from leaving them if they wish to.

16. Surveillance equipment

Advertisements must not promote selling hidden cameras, mobile phone trackers nor other hidden surveillance equipments.

17. Grammar and insults

Advertisements must not contain insults nor grammar or punctuation errors. Symbols, numbers and letters must be use correctly.

18. Non existing functionality

Advertisements must not containt images representing a non existing functionality.

19. Personal health

Images must not contain « before and after » comparison, nor images that contain unexpected or unpredictable results . The advertising content must not insinuate nor try to generate a negative self-perception to promote a regimen, a weight loss or any other product in connection with health. Advertisements highlighting products in connection with health, physical shape or weight loss must target persons of at least 18 years old.

20. Salary loans or cash advances

Advertisements must not promote salary loans, salary advances nor any other small amount short term loan aiming to cover someone’s expenses until the next paycheck.

21. Multi-level marketing

Advertisments aiming at promoting an opportunity for revenue must describe entirely the product or the associated commercial model and must not promote commercial models offering a fast remuneration without a real investment, especially multi-level marketing opportunities.

22. Reverse auctions

Advertisements must not promote reverse auctions with guaranteed deposit or any other similar commercial practice.

23. Counterfeit documents

Advertisements must not promote false documents such as diplomas, passports or counterfeit immigration documents.

24. Poor quality or disturbing content

Advertisements must not have content that refer to external destination pages proposing a confusing or invasive experience. This includes misleading advertisements with, among others, sensational titles, and referring people back to destination pages containing little content of the original content and a majority of advertising content out of context or of poor quality.

25. Spyware or malicious software

Advertisements must not contain spyware, malicious software or any other software that may disconcern or deceive. This includes links to sites containing those products.

26. Automatic animation

Advertisements must not contain audio elements nor Flash animation that automatically start without requiring a person’s intervention

27. Unauthorized streaming apparatus

Advertisements must not promote products or articles that facilitate or encourage the unauthorized access to digital media.



1. Alcoholic beverages

Advertisements that promote alcoholic beverages or refer to it, must comply with local laws, industry codes, recommendations, established or recommended licenses and authorizations, and understand age and country targeting criteria that must be compliant with ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. targeting criteria and local laws. Note that advertisements that promote alcoholic beverages or that refer to it are prohibited in some countries, including and not limited to : Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Egypt, Gambia, Koweit, Libya, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

2. Dating services

Advertisements for online dating services are subject to a written autorisation prior to advertising. They must comply with targeted requirements for dating services and our rules in terms of the quality of the dating sites, that you will find here. To register as a dating services partner, please fill out the form to start your candidacy process.

3. Gambling games involving real money

Advertisements that promote or facilitate gambling games, skills games or online lottery involving real money, including online casino, sports bets, bingo or poker require a written autorisation prior to advertising. The authorized advertisements for gambling games, skills games or lottery must target persons of 18 years and older in a jurisdiction that allows it.

4. National lottery

Governmental lottery entities can advertise on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. under the condition that targeted advertisements be compliant with applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which they appear and target only persons of that jurisdiction where the lottery is available.

5. Online pharmacy

Advertisements must not promote the sale of pharmaceutical products normally obtain through prescription. Advertisements for online and traditional pharmacies require prior written authorization.

6. Supplements

Advertisements that promote food supplements and acceptable plant based can only target persons of 18 years and older.

7. Subscription services

Advertisements for subscription services or that promote products or services that contain negative options, automatic renewal, billing products with purchasing option or mobile marketing are subject to our applicable regulation with regards to subscription services.

8. Financial services

Advertisements promoting credit card application or related financial services attached to accredited establishments must clearly provide sufficient information concerning the associated fees, specifically the transactional fees with regards to annual rate in percentage, in the destination page of the advertisement. Advertisements promoting loans or insurance services cannot ask to provide personal financial information, especially informations concerning their credit card.

9. Brand content

Advertisements promoting content of a brand must identify the product, the brand or the commercial third party partner, with the brand content tool. The brand content in an advertisement sends all content back coming from a creator or editor that present a commercial partner or attached thereto through an exchange value. During the brand content integration of the promotion, the advertisers must use the tool for the brand content (discover here how to use the product, the brand or the third party partner).

10. Student loan services

Advertisements promoting student loan services must target person 18 years old or more. Advertisements must not promote misleading or dishonest services related to consolidation, to remittance or to refinance allocated loans to students.


7. Video advertisements

Video advertisements and other types of dynamic advertising must respect the integral advertisement rules, especially the community’s Standards and the following rules :

1. Misleading content

Videos and other similar types of advertisement must not use tactics that can disrupt a person in their activity such as flashing windows.

2. Restrictions related to entertainement

Advertisements presenting films trailers, TV shows, video games or other similar content intended for an adult audience are authorized only after obtaining the written authorisation from ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. and must target person of 18 years old or more. Any excessive representation in advertisements described below are forbidden :

1. Drug and alcohol consumption

2. Adult content

3. Vulgarity

4. Violent or unhealthy scenes


8. Targeting

1. You must not use targeting options to discriminate, harass, provoke or belittle users or to engage in abusive advertising practices.

2. If your advertisements target personalized audiences, you must respect the applicable conditions when creating an audience.


9. Position

1. Relevancy

All components of an advertisement, including the text, the image or any other multimedia content, must be pertinent and appropriate to the proposed product or service, as well as the audience that sees the advertisement.

2. Accuracy

Advertisements must represent clearly the entreprise, the product, the service or the brand which they promote.

3. Associated destination pages

The products and services that are promoting the text in the advertisement must correspond to those presented in the destination page, and the destination site must not propose a forbidden product or service nor sent back to the latter.


10. Form advertisement

Advertisers must not create form advertisement that ask for the following information without prior authorization from us.

1. Account number

Advertisements must not ask for account numbers, including frequent flyer numbers, fidelity program numbers or cable/telephone account numbers without prior authorization from us.

2. Criminal record

Advertisements must not ask for information concerning criminal history or arrests without prior authorization from us.

3. Financial information

Advertisements must not ask for financial information, especially a person’s bank card numbers, bank tracking numbers, debit or credit card numbers, credit notes, revenues, net worth or debts without prior authorization from us.

4. Official identification card

Advertisements must not ask for official ID including social security number, passport number, driver’s license number without prior authorization from us.

5. Information on health

Advertisements must no ask information concerning insurance including insurance policy number without prior authorization from us.

6. Insurance information

Les publicités ne doivent pas demander d’informations concernant les assurances, y compris les numéros de police d’assurance en cours, sans notre autorisation préalable.

7. Political affiliation

Advertisements must not ask information concerning political affiliation without prior autorization from us.

8. Race or ethnicity

Advertisements must not ask information concerning race or ethnicity without prior autorization from us.

9. Religion

Advertisements must not ask information concerning religion without prior autorization from us.

10. Sexual orientation

Advertisements must not ask information concerning sexual orientation nor the individual sexual life, especially the sex that they prefer meeting without prior autorization from us.

11. Questions on a model

Advertisements must not ask identical or analog question that you could pose through a question model.

12. Professional union affiliation

Advertisements must not ask information concerning an affiliation to a professional union without prior authorization from us.

13. User name and password

Advertisements must not ask for user names nor passwords, especially those corresponding to existing or new accounts, without our prior authorization. If you redirect persons to your site or service to create an account, you must use Click to a website or conversion to a web site when advertising.


11. Use of our brand resources

1. Recommending a brand

Advertisements must not involve a recommendation from ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc., a partner with their site, or a recomendation from another company of ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.

2. ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. brands

Advertisements that redirect to content of ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. brand (including pages, groups, events or sites using a ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. account) may refer in a limited way to « ShoppingRoad Technologies inc. » in the text of the ad in order to clarify the destination of the advertisement.

3. Copyright and trademark

No other advertisement or destination page is authorized to use our trademark, our copyright content or any other brand that could lead to confusion, except in expressly authorized cases according to our brand rules or after receiving written authorization from us.


12. To know

1. Advertisements rules apply to advertisements and commercial content that are diffuse by or bought by ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. services or elsewhere, on advertisements that show up on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. apps, your utilization of ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.’s products and advertising services, is part of ‘ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. ». You could be subject to more conditions or rules if you use other ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. products or services linked to advertisements or similar ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. products and services.

2. It is up to advertisers to understand and respect all of the applicable laws and regulations. If you do not respect them, this could bring you diverse consequences including cancellation of your ads that you ordered and the termination of your account without reimbursement.

3. We do not use any confidential and personal data to target advertising. Subjects chosen by you for your advertisements do not reflect personal beliefs, characteristics or people’s values that use ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.

4. If you manage advertisements for other advertisers’ account, each advertiser or client must be managed via separate advertising accounts. You must not change the advertiser or client of an established advertising account. You must create a new account. It is your responsibility to ensure that each advertiser respects the advertising rules.

5. We reserve the right to reject, approve ou delete any advertisement for whatever reason, at our discretion, including advertisements with negative impact on our relationship with our users or content, services or activities that are contrary to our competitor’s situation, our center of interest or our advertising philosophy.

6. For rules that need prior written authorization, ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. may provide these authorizations.

7. These rules may be modified at any time without warning.



Respecting your privacy is important for us.

1. For content protected by intellectual property, i.e. photos and videos, you give specifically the following permission, complying with your confidentiality parameters and applications : you give us a non exclusive license, transferable, sub-licensed, without royalties and global for the utilization of the content of intellectual property that you publish on ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. or in relation with ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. (license of intellectual property). This intellectual property license will terminate when you delete your content of intellectual property or your account, except if your account is shared with other people that have not deleted it.

2. When deleting your content of intellectual property, this content is deleted in a similar way as a trash can in your computer. However, you understand that deleted contents may persist in saveguarded copies during a certain time (but that are not available)

3. When using an application, it may be asking you for an authorization in order to be able to access your contents and information including to those that have shared it with you. We require from applications that they respect confidentiality of your data and this is the agreement you give to the application determining in which way it is free to use, to keep or to transfer content and information.

4. When advertizing content or information with the Public parameter, this means that you allow everyone, including to people that do not use ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc., to access this information and to use it, and also to associate them with you (i.e. your name and profile photo).

5. We appreciate your comments and suggestions concerning ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc. However, please note that we can use them without remuneration obligation (as you have no obligation to communicate them to us).




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