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We direct the client straight to your store while offering exclusive promotions and win the loyalty of your customers.

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The key benefits

• Thanks to our patented ShoppingRoad software that is connected to our interactive , participating retailers benefit from a unique self-manageable dissemination program of their products, services and promotions. Furthermore, the retailer has access to a sales and statistical report system on the client base.

• The interactive enable the user to benefit from useful information and from dynamic signage services

• The management center controls and transmits the information to users and allows them to download targeted promotions, including discounts and fidelity program bonuses unique to ShoppingRoad.



Other benefits 

• Attract, retain, win the loyalty of the client and provoke spontaneous purchases due to the discounted programs for the consumer.

• Advertisers receive tangible data in order to measure the impact of their promotions.

• Advertisers can modify the content of their ad at any time from their management center (mobile phone, tablet or computer). The content of the ads are publish instantly and simultaneously in one or many located in strategic locations.

The functionality list

• Fast visual of information, discounts and promotions

• Graphic interface in interactive high definition (HD) and user friendly

• Can create audiovisual promotions

• Touch screen with the ability to touch many points simultaneously

• Interface available in many languages and currencies

•  Consulted information sent by email

• Registration and transaction possible via mobile phone or computer

• Visual of targeted


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