About us

Our Story

Founded in July 2015, this canadian and Ottawa based company is called ShoppingRoad Technologies Inc.
Here’s how it all started…

This forward-thinking concept was born through the numerous trips our founders took.  It was on the road that they realized that we always have a need for a variety of products and services.  The question was how to find rapidly what we are looking for.  This is how the idea of establishing a multitude of interactive service points available to find all we need, no matter where the road brings us, was born.

The needs

What are your needs…
Do an activity with your family, visit an historical site, find a good restaurant, exploring local ads, benefit from an exclusive offer or know what’s to do in town ?  ShoppingRoad is the highway to finding the answers to your needs.

Our product

We have created intelligent touch screen internet towers that are self-manageable called E-Tower.  They allow us to establish a relationship in « just in time » with our members.  Since they are remotely self-manageable by their users, businesses can therefore create or adjust their advertisements or promotions according to the time, location, weather or event.

Our mission

«Boosting the local economy with a new promotional tool linked to the activities of the community and in direct relation with regional merchants.»

Our enterprise focuses on innovation in order to propose a new direct and intelligent communication media for a changing clientele.  This new type of service is accessible through your computer, mobile or tablet.

ShoppingRoad will be an important actor in the publishing of local ads, advertisements, sales and promotions.  For businesses, it is a new way to respond to instant needs of the consumers in busy places.

Finally, we have a cutting-edge product with possible dissemination globally.




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