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E-Tower Technologies

Touch screen tower self-manageable and interactive with its user.

ShoppingRoad is a new direct communication media for a fast-moving community. Our company focuses on innovation to propose a new style of service to its members and businesses.

Self-manageable from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Publications, promotions, sales statistics, guest count, targeted clientele, geolocalized and more !

This is a new means to respond to instant needs of the consumer in busy places.

for members

Become a ShoppingRoad member and gain access
to a multitude of exclusive advantages!

for the enterprises

Be part of a unique program
to broadcast your promotions

for public places

A service to the community
with a high reward

Our partners

An innovative concept .. Simple and easy in addition ..

Pat Raymond Perso

Great team! Long live the great family of Shopping!

Nathalie Dunn '' Director of shoppingroad ''

Unique concept in the world! Simple and effective, this technology opens new horizons for consumers.

Alex Rinaldoni V-p marketing ShoppingRoad

The strength of the team!

John LeSieur

A class image and fantastic projects!

Marie-Pier '' Dorcas Design Graphique ''

A society in full bloom! New technology completely incredible.

Étienne Vigneault '' Quantum Image ''

ShoppingRoad has the product of the future for the hotel industry. Happy to be part of it as first!

Christine Cadieux Dg Ramada Plaza Gatineau

An exceptional and extraordinary product!

Y.Beaudoin Vice-President Delta , Mariott

What a concept! ShoppingRoad sets the bar very high and above all quality products!

B.Jolivet Domotique Solution

We are going to go around the world .. A team work for an ultimate goal.

Carole Turgeon Director ShoppingRoad

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